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We are working hard for making Jiangsu Lianshui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. a leading drug production base in China, and making contributions to the health industry of human. We have been working hard for this target fro generations.

We are working hard to develop our company based on such idea of “Dedicating ourselves into pharmaceutical fields, caring about human's health”. We hope we can help and serve every patient. Your health and your family’s happiness are our happiness.

Through adopting the latest management and business systems, we are working hard for further development and long-term victory in the market. Sticking to such tactic of “sustainable development”, we are working hard to establish firm foundation and develop new business.

Every staff is our fortune, is the power for Lianshui to get development. Our development is based on the hard works of all our staffs. We sincerely welcome talents to join Lianshui. We respect talent, personality and team work,

Patent is number one priority to Lianshui, we are working hard for patents’ satisfactions. Following your demands, we are striving to offer patents quality products and excellent services.

Aiming for perfect work and overcoming, we sincerely welcome the coming of new economy time. We believe in that Lianshui will have a bright future!

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